ISPS Security

Located in the suburbs of Port-of -Spain, ISPS is committed to keeping the campus and our ISPS family safe and secure, ensuring a peaceful learning environment.

Our campus is equipped with open indoor and outdoor spaces for our students to appreciate, explore a variety of interests, and pursue their passion. At the same time our vigilance remains constant to ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff.


Our security officers are onsite 24 hours a day to ensure a secure environment. Our security officers closely monitor and record visitor access on campus. Additionally, security cameras are installed in several locations throughout the campus, which enables our officers to monitor general movement within the campus and adds another level of safety protection at all times.

Our officers are trained in First Aid and CPR,  Health and Safety compliant and are trained for emergency situations, evacuation protocols, manmade or natural disaster situations.

Entering Campus

Members of the school community, alumni and visitors are welcome to enter and exit when school is open through the various security checkpoints. The school reserves the right to refuse entry to any person without proper authorization.

Exiting Campus

During the school day (7:30am-2:30pm) ISPS students are not allowed to leave campus before the end of the school day without permission from the principal or vice principal or written/ verbal consent from their parent/ guardian. Written or verbal consent must be sent to Ms. Stacy Lee-Rique: 633-4777 ext. 224 or
Students must sign out at the front office if departing the campus prior to the end of the school day.
Lower school students leaving campus must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian. Middle and High School students may be accompanied by a parent/ guardian or can leave on their own with parental/ guardian consent. ALL STUDENTS must sign out at the front desk before their departure. 


Parking on Campus

There is no parking on campus except for school-owned and/or faculty/staff and student vehicles. Drivers of private vehicles may drop students off between 7:00am – 7:25am and pick students up at the 2:30pm dismissal time. Drivers are expected to act in a courteous fashion and to follow the security guards’ directions. Drivers who repeatedly break these rules may be barred from the school campus. (Please review our Traffic Guidelines)
Bicycle parking is available on campus.



Drill and Evacuation Procedures

Fire drills are key to ensuring the safety of the students entrusted to the school’s care. At least three drills will be held annually. The cooperation of all adults on campus is needed and will be appreciated. Teachers are to ensure that an evacuation map is posted in their classrooms.