ISPS has multiple common space areas available for all students to enjoy:

As early as 3 years old, ISPS students visit the ISPS Library as a first step to building a great love and passion for reading and exploring. This centre of learning caters to all students PK-3 -12 and supports students' literary and information needs. 

Physical and health education (PHE) is a regular part of the curriculum at every grade level from Pre-Kindergarten 3 through High School. Our PHE classes introduce a wide variety of skills and provide the opportunity for our students to remain active during the school day. Co-educational competions, inter-school events, pep rallies, and many school-wide special events take place in the gym.

Fine Arts Theater & Drama Room
With approximately 300 seats, the ISPS Theater is home to countless memorable school productions throughout the school year. 

The cafeteria is open for breakfast and lunch, Mondays to Fridays from 7:30am - 3:00pm. Our cafeteria seats approximately 200 students & staff and is operated on a staggered rotation for break and lunch times for Elementary through High School.

Dance & Multi-purpose Room
Our dedicated Dance Studio is complete with wood flooring , mirrored walls and dance bars.

Football Field with Jogging Track
With its paved track and large football field, our North Field is the perfect location for our Annual Sports Day. Students enjoy football matches during break and lunch times as well as after-school football practice. We host games against other schools as well as the regional CAISSA football matches on this field.

Aquaponics and Hydroponics Area
The students and staff at the International School of Port of Spain introduced a new initiative that gives students an opportunity to cultivate plants in a learning environment, using aquaponics and hydroponics systems.

ISPS partnered with Auxilium Services Co. Ltd, and the Agriculture Demonstration of Practices and Technology (ADOPT) program,  part of the Faculty of Food and Agriculture, UWI,  who planned and designed the systems and offered training and technical advice for operating the systems.

Green Court
A sheltered Multipurpose play area for traditional floor games, basketball etc.