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Our Facilities


June 2016

The International School of Port of Spain (ISPS) sits on a site that is 1.3 hectare (145,805 s.f./ 3.3 acres). The site is located at Columbus Circle, Westmoorings and is bounded on the north by the Western Main Road, the west by the Diego Martin River, to the south by single family homes and to the east by Spanish Court Townhouses. On September 15, 2008, seeing the limitations of the site to provide sufficient green space for athletic and other outdoor activities, ISPS signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Westmoorings South East Limited, to gain access to an additional 1.0949 hectares (30,734 sq. ft/2 acres). This Park located along the north eastern end of the site which the MOU provides limited access to ISPS between the hours of 7.00am and 4.30pm.

When the school opened its doors on January, 2000 the building coverage of 63,224 square feet, the initial enrolment was expected to grow to 300 students to a maximum of 450. Between the years 2005 to present, several teaching spaces were built to accommodate the delivery of the expanded curriculum and growing enrolment. As such, today the current building coverage is 82,967 sq. ft.

The International School Currently has fifty (50) classrooms that serves the Elementary, Middle and High School. These classrooms serve the following purpose:

  • Regular Classrooms – these are home rooms assigned to each grade throughout the school
  • Special Purpose Rooms – Include all other rooms used for the following subject areas: Art, Music, Dance, PE, Chemistry Labs, Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Spanish, Student Support and Computer Labs etc.

Currently, there are thirty (30) classrooms assigned to Grades Pre K – 12 and are categorized as follows:







The school was designed to meet international standards for teacher to student ratios and whilst providing sufficient access to general services such as washroom facilities, cafeteria services and basic medical treatment at the Nurse’s clinic. The physical educational needs of the students is also of great priority with the indoor and outdoor playground and sporting facilities.

To maintain international facility standards and keep abreast of the growing needs of our learners, the school has consistently undergone capital improvements, particularly during the years 2005 to present. These projects include the following:



    1. Construction of 800 sq.ft., Early Childhood Centre with additional playground space
    2. Renovation and re-purposing of two existing Art classrooms into Chemistry and Physics Labs
    3. Renovation of existing Gymnasium to 3 storey Fine Arts Centre with 2 Art Classrooms, 2 Music Classrooms, 1 Dance Room, Storage Areas and 300 Seat state of the art Theatre
    4. Construction and outfitting of 12,800 sq. Ft. Pre-engineered fabric tension building Gymnasium (the first of its kind for the Region) and 2,600 sq. Ft. Locker, Office and Classroom area which was completed in a record six months.
    5. Expansion of six (6) into exterior and interior walkways Classrooms in HS and MS to accommodate more students
    6. Construciton of Drama Room
    7. Renovation of Physics Room into regular classroom
    8. Construction and outfitting of 1,400 sq.ft. Temporary Classroom to accommodate increased enrollment in MS (furhter demolished and reconstructed)
    9. Renovation of Music Rooms to regular classrooms
    10. Renovation and Expansion of existing Cafeteria space to accommodate 200 students
    11. Construction of Maintenance Building using 40’ containers
    12. Construction of a 300m soccer field
    13. Construction of a play park
    14. Washroom renovations
    15. Restoration of outdoor basketball, tennis and volleyball court (Green Court)
    16. Renovation of North Field
    17. Construction of 3,200sq. ft. c two storey wing with classrooms and patio area
    18. Renovation of HS and MS Biology Labs
    19. Renovation of Chemistry Storage area
    20. Renovation of MS Biology Storage area
    21. Construction of HR & MS Office Area
    22. Expansion of playfield and construction of jogging track
    23. Construction of covering between Gym and existing building
    24. Construction of storage facilities along the western boundary
    25. Complete upgrade of Security and Life Safety Systems

The Intenratinal School of Port of Spain places great emphasis on the comfort, care, safety and security of our community as evidenced by well maintained, secure and safe facilities. The Facilitiy Operations Department is managed by the Security and Maintenance teams who is always ready and willing to serve the needs of community.