A Thriving Preschool-Grade 12 international school for boys and girls aged 3 - 18 years

We develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring learners who contribute positively to their communities. The ISPS Difference is what defines us!


Globally Engaged


Our students go beyond the traditional boundaries of education, leading in ‘real world’ environments, co-authoring a future that values creative collaboration and connections.

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Uniquely Personal


Our Students are empowered to think critically and collaboratively, in a diverse school community and are encouraged  to discover their passion and embrace their personal potential.

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World-Class Academics


Students are engaged in authentic learning and an ISPS education actively involves students in their own learning. Our students are supported by great teaching, innovative resources and an international context.

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Transitions & Transformations


A Warm and Welcoming Community:
New families are always supported and welcomed; and when they depart they are well-prepared for College and beyond.

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Entrepreneurial Thinkers


The world is changing and ISPS is responding: We offer innovative ways to prepare students for the future and are using a variety of approaches to support this.

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Community Voices


We Are ONE COMMUNITY: A Truly International Experience

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We provide an outstanding education and inspire our students to engage in both academic and enriching co-curricular programs.

Our Community

We provide an outstanding education and inspire our students to engage in both academic and enriching co-curricular programs.

Shafika Sultan-Khan, Pre-K


"I teach to experience the wonders of children from all cultural backgrounds and learning abilities. Each child is unique, and teaches me something new every day about the filed and allows for endless opportunities to explore and keep learning. To see the excitement and joy of the child who has just discovered his/ her potential, "I can do this!" is magical. I teach to pick up each child when he/she falls, be their listening ear when they need to talk, and to explore the world through their eyes to realize its rewards. I would like to continue touching the lives of young children in ways that will positively affect them forever."

Asia Chan, Grade 12


"ISPS, Thank you for filling the last 7 years of my school life with precious memories. I was that one kid who said she loved coming to school and to ISPS! Despite some of life's challenges along the way, I can say without a doubt that I am beyond grateful for everything that happened, as many life lessons were learned while also creating fond memories. In this final year, I had the honour of serving and taking lead in the National Honor Society and the Yearbook Club. Through these added opportunities, I was able to reach a new level of independence and confidence. I am really excited. and ready for what comes after ISPS."

Momeda Khan, Kindergarten


"Teaching is a way for me to touch the lives of others and make a difference in the world. In my life Early Childhood teachers had a profound effect on my life.  They inspired me to believe in myself. They taught me not only to read and write but they cared enough to show me that my feelings matter.

As a teacher I want to inspire that belief in my students so they know learning never stops, laughter is contagious and each of them has a place in this world."

Aziz (Max) Ramsingh, Grade 8


"I have been a student of ISPS since Grade 2. Throughout my years ISPS has always upheld a community that is welcoming, friendly, and inclusive of everyone which has never change, even with our recent transition to an online platform. The class sizes are personal, and resources are endless for all students, which enables each student to have a level of individual assistance from teachers according to their individual needs. Similarly, the past 2 years' transition to the online platform left me no less happy. The online system is simple, all necessary information is found immediately, classes are organized, and most importantly engaging. The teachers make you feel comfortable and well equipped. I liked how they were constantly present and up to date with marking assignments. They were always there to answer questions. Overall, my experience is very positive at ISPS and I am looking forward to my new transition to high school."

Kelly Johnson, Middle School


"I teach to encourage. I teach to motivate and I teach to inspire my students to be the best humans that they could be. I teach because it is my calling."

Aisha Langton-Regis, Gr. 12


"In my short time at this wonderful school, I haven't been met with anything but kindness, and with a couple more buddies at my side as compared to when I first started. This was an absolutely amazing experience and an even amazing-er opportunity."

Ian Joseph, High School


"Mathematics was once a challenge for me... until my determination to work hard surfaced at the same time I met my Grade 8 Math teacher - the perfect storm!

When I saw the huge turnaround I made in this class and the trajectory of math classes I was inspired to take in the years afterward. I knew I wanted to dedicate my energy to doing what he did. I know how I struggled at one point, so I felt, way back then, that I would one day teach others with an aim to have a similar positive impact on their mathematical journey."

Priyanka Lalla, Grade 8


"This year I had the opportunity to lead as MS Prefect. While we faced the challenge of COVID 19, we overcame it though determination and unity. I am grateful to have worked with my fellow prefects, students leaders, teacher and student body. Through listening and taking action, we were able to plan exciting and meaningful activities throughout the year. This opportunity was a learning experience which I am grateful to have shared with you all."

Matthew Broughton, HS


"History has always been my safe place, a lesson I understood, & a subject that was real to me. History is everywhere, it is something we can see & touch, & through its stories we can begin to understand our place in the World. I wanted to teach because I didn't want those stories to end."

Steffani Smith, Grade 2


Sharing some advice:

  • Be ready to soar through the sky and always try.
  • The best thing I learned was how to handle challenges.
  • I will never forget my teacher and the new friends that I made.
  • My teacher always told me to be myself and that I can do it.

Michelle Anderson, Staff

Instructional Coach

"I absolutely love working here. It has been an honor and privilege to be an Instructional Coach at the International School of Port of Spain. The teachers have been wonderful to work with and eager to perfect their teaching craft. Every person that works here is professional and knowledgeable about the content they teach or service they provide. I have been in education a long time, and I don't think I have ever worked with such dedicated staff. The opportunity to collaborate with teachers from around the world and learn from each other has been the thrill of a lifetime."

Malaika Kerr, Grade 12


"I may have been at ISPS for 2 years, but the memories I have made here will last forever. Thank you for helping me grow and pushing me to be the best version of myself. Thank you for believing in me when I hardly believed in myself. Thank you for making learning somehow fun. I have been blessed to spend these 2 short years here, to be surrounded by such amazing people and opportunities that have pushed me towards my future. I couldn't imagine it any other way! (wee maybe without the pandemic)."